The Hunt: Finding Food Abroad

As I’ve gotten older, and my palate has become more developed, vacations to see beautiful things must be accompanied with tasty food. Having just got back from a brief trip to Spain, I was reminded that I don’t really want to eat bad food on vacation.

Not a bad statement, but really who does?

The trick is being able to find good food on vacation.  In Spain they don’t really start eating until late evening about 10pm so it gives you plenty of time between sight-seeing and dinner to look up some good suspects. Not being particularly sure were me and my partner-in-crime were going to end up we resorted to our favorite Internet café, Burger King.

When you’re on holiday, Burger King and McDonalds can be a great resource to your Internet woes. They 90% of the time offer free Wi-Fi. Usually you can just stand outside by the door or if you want to rest your feet, drop in, buy water or a pop and settle into to do your searching.

In the day and age of smart phones there is a plethora of apps that you can download. In the US Yelp is pretty spot on, as well as Trip advisor. Trip advisor is also good for international spots, in the app you can also download a map of the city which can be quite helpful.

If you have an IPhone, Yelp is great because the map goes straight to your map application, which has a GPS function that doesn’t require Wi-Fi to work. Simply load the route and follow along. Nifty, huh? Ideally if you were super concerned about this you would probably do your research before hand and have a lot more tools at your disposal.

If you find yourself somewhere more remote or are a more off the grid traveler (kudos to you), talk to the locals! Before you leave look up a few phrases in the native language; most helpful “Do you speak (insert your language)”,  “Where is good for (insert meal)” or at the very least “food” and “good”.  Failing that I would wander around and look for where a) the most native people are b) the biggest group is.  That should get you the most authentic and or safest bet for a good meal.

I’m starting a international food guide for this blog (similar to LA Eats); click here for more info on that

Enjoy and happy travels!


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