I love a good list. I believe that they have magical properties; they help keep you on task, give you a sense of accomplishment when you cross things off (total bad-ass status), you can get creative with them. Feeling inspired from 51st episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast, I decided I would legitimize my culinary bucket list via actually writing it out, which crazily I have not yet.

Here goes nothing…

1. Make pasta from scratch
2. Make a proper thanksgiving turkey, by myself.
3. Take a cooking class in another country (probably either England, Paris, or Italy)
4. Cook fish, and like it. (I’m allergic shellfish -sad- and have been strayed away from fish for a long time but now I feel the need to ease it into my life…face your fears right?)
5. Cook my way through a cookbook.
6. Build a dream kitchen (does that count?)
7. Meet a culinary great of my time… Jacques Pepin perhaps? (This must be done while not going full on fan-boy, always keep it classy. )
8. Learn to make chocolate & croissants.
9. Publish something (either in a journal, magazine, or book.)
10. Open a cafe.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, I hope to accomplish these things in my limited time here on this planet, and I think the pursuit of which could make for a very interesting adventure. Get excited!

What’s on your bucket lists?



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