Spiced French Toast (Quick and Easy)


I’m a fan of breakfast foods. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes you just need a stack of pancakes with some good company in the evening hours. (I know I’m not the only one.) Lately I’ve been trying to be better about waking up in time to eat a decent breakfast, which as they say, is the most important meal of the day. French toast is a super quick and easy way to a) feel accomplished for making breakfast b) eat a tasty meal to kick start your day.

Spiced French Toast

2 Eggs
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Cardamom
1/2 Vanilla Bean (scraped)
2 tbsp milk
4 slices of bread (pick your poison)

Serves 2

Preheat a a non-stick pan to medium heat. I usually give a quick spray of Pam before I put it down but you can also use olive oil or butter. 

Combine the eggs, vanilla, milk and spices in a container. I’ve found that using a glad tupperware container is both the perfect size for dipping bread, but it also works if you want to prep this out the night before and just turn on the pan in the morning and get going.


Dip the bread in the mixture, making sure to fully coat each side. Place the coated slice on the pan immediately.

Cook until golden brown on each side.

In addition to french toast’s many amazing qualities it’s also very versatile. I use Sara Lee 45 cal Wheat as my bread of choice, so when I’m looking for a low-cal breakfast I just pair this with some fresh fruit and bam, for generally under 200 cals you have a delicious easy morning meal. You can also add a scoop of ice cream for the lazy weekend mornings when you’re going big. (Or even for lunch or dinner, I dare you!)





I love a good list. I believe that they have magical properties; they help keep you on task, give you a sense of accomplishment when you cross things off (total bad-ass status), you can get creative with them. Feeling inspired from 51st episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast, I decided I would legitimize my culinary bucket list via actually writing it out, which crazily I have not yet.

Here goes nothing…

1. Make pasta from scratch
2. Make a proper thanksgiving turkey, by myself.
3. Take a cooking class in another country (probably either England, Paris, or Italy)
4. Cook fish, and like it. (I’m allergic shellfish -sad- and have been strayed away from fish for a long time but now I feel the need to ease it into my life…face your fears right?)
5. Cook my way through a cookbook.
6. Build a dream kitchen (does that count?)
7. Meet a culinary great of my time… Jacques Pepin perhaps? (This must be done while not going full on fan-boy, always keep it classy. )
8. Learn to make chocolate & croissants.
9. Publish something (either in a journal, magazine, or book.)
10. Open a cafe.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, I hope to accomplish these things in my limited time here on this planet, and I think the pursuit of which could make for a very interesting adventure. Get excited!

What’s on your bucket lists?